Metal Grinding Wheel

The grinding machine is one of the most widely used piece of machinery in various industries. Also referred to as grinders, these machines consist of different metal parts. The process of grinding is used to cut small chips from a workpiece. The grinding takes place through a spin wheel, whose speed can be adjusted depending on differing requirements.

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Grinding wheel

Grinding wheels are made up of compound materials. There are certain abrasive compounds used as part of the material in order to facilitate the grinding process. The abrasive compound is made up of coarse particles that are bonded using a special bonding gel. Grinding wheels are available in various sizes. Stainless steel is another material that is used for grinding wheels. This type of wheel is usually used for slightly tougher cutting jobs. Similarly, aluminium wheels are also available, which are again used for certain specialized applications. The spin speed which is needed for a particular job also dictates the type of metal that the grinding wheel is made up of.

Fixture to hold workpiece

Another metal part which a key component of a grinding machine is the fixture which holds the workpiece, while the grinding wheel moves across it. The fixture is usually made up of cast iron or steel. The fixture needs to be strong since it has to withstand the pressure exerted by the grinding of the wheel against the workpiece. The fixture can also be adjusted in order to ensure that the workpiece can be moved across a stationary wheel. These days grinders come with computer aided manufacturing (CAM) mechanism. Once instructions are fed into the system, it automatically ensures precision cutting.


A lot of heat is generated during the grinding process. There is always the danger involved of the grinding head exploding due to the excess heat. In order to avoid that a coolant is sprayed on the grading head. While the primary objective of using the coolants is to ensure that there is no overheating of the grinding machine, they also prevent the rusting of the grinding head.

Metal base

The grinder machine sits on a metal base, which is called the 'bed'. The metal bed provides the necessary balance to the entire grinding unit. It is also the part of the grinding machine to which the fixture that holds the workpiece is also fixed. In certain types of grinders, another fixture, used to keep tools required during the work, is also fixed to the bed. These fixtures are held in place over the bed using metal clamps.

Metal case

The grinding machine is enclosed by a metallic case. While one of the key jobs of the case is to protect the various parts from damage, it also helps in ensuring safety, by forming a protective layer preventing small sparks of fire emanated during the grinding process.

Wide experience

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